Pouch fill/seal machines and what they do

Pillow/flow wrap, form-fill-seal and pre-made pouch packaging systems,
each have their place and characteristics.
Among these, PACRAFT pre-made pouch packaging systems move beyond simply wrapping products.
We build systems that use high quality pre-made pouches to provide safety and security.

Comparing pre-made pouch, form-fill-seal and pillow/flow wrap methods.

Pouch packaging


Pillow / flow wrap (vertical & horizontal types)

PACRAFT pre-made pouch merits

  • High quality pre-made pouches demonstrate the quality of the product and enhance brand value.
  • Easily adaptable for a wide variety of pouches and products.
  • Flexibly meeting market needs and trends by adapting pouch sizes/shapes, etc.
  • A single machine can serve multiple roles for enhanced safety and security with options for pouch and print inspection, scanning, atmosphere replacement using gas or steam. etc.

A wide range of optional functions available to meet specific needs

PACRAFT has launched a number of features over many years of development and testing to meet the needs of our customers and their various applications.
Options can include inspection, gas replacement, seal cleaning and error monitoring.
The following lists the ten primary functions performed on a ten station rotary fillers.