Features of pouches
that enhance the value of products

Properly designed pouches are essential for a quality finished product. Pouches can be made of one or more layers of plastic film, aluminum foil, vapor deposited film or other materials depending on product type and shelf life requirements.
Package shapes and functions can greatly affect product value.
Pouches made with dedicated pouch making machines in clean room environments further increase value by producing superior quality pouches incorporating convenience features useful to consumers.

「Pouches and added value」Sealability, Resealability, Convenience, Conserving resources, Design qualities

A wide variety of pouch types

A wide variety of pouch types are available according to product types,
application and other customizable characteristics.
Shown are several popular types used with PACRAFT systems.
*Examples. Please contact us for other styles.

  • Flat / Standup

    Simple shapes and easy to employ. The standup pouch bottom gusset allows the pouch to hold more product and to be self-standing.

  • Center spout (gusset)

    Center spout in a side gusset pouch. ‘Brick’ like shape when filled provides very efficient cartoning and shelf placement. Used with gelatin, pudding, beverages and purees.

  • Variations

    Various shapes available depending on application and customer preference. Improved convenience and enhanced design features.

  • Center spout (flat / standup)

    Center spout in a flat or standup pouch. Used with sauces, oils, seasonings, home and personal care products.

  • Twin pouch

    Pouch with a center perforation, allowing two portions of one product or a ‘Side A’, ‘Side B’ with different products. Compatible with flat and standup pouch styles.

  • Corner spout

    Corner spout in flat, standup, or single layer side gusset pouch. Product is filled from top of pouch rather than though the spout. ‘Easy pour’ pouch format.

  • Gusset (single layer top)

    Square, flat bottom and partial side gussets. Self-standing. Fold over side gussets allow this style to be used with fillers intended for flat and standup pouch styles.

  • Twisted tie

    After pouch is filled and sealed, a twist tie or crimp tie is added. Provides reclosability and a classic twist tie appearance.

  • Gusset (double layer top)

    Square, flat bottom and full side gussets. Self-standing. Full side gusset allows maximum use of capacity. Requires filling equipment designed for side gusset pouches.

  • Tray

    Cup or tray filler with sealed film top.