Sep 12, 2002TOPICS

Model TT-9CW wins the 5th “Japan Best Food Machinery & Material Award”!

On the 11th of September, Model TT-9CW High Speed Pouch Fill/Sealer was awarded the Machinery division of the 5th “Japan Best Food Machinery & Material Award” .

TT-9CW was first built from the year 1993. The machine being our most popular model has been renewed from switch to graphic panel for easier operation, and sanitary designed like the nozzles, which can be totally disassembled and cleaned.
This model, having a capacity of two TT-8CR with only the size of one and a half, will save space, labor and running cost.
The model was awarded for “A high speed duplex model having a capacity of two machines and complying to various products such as retorted food to liquid detergents.”
* Capacity : 30-100pouches/min.(Depending on products)
* Pouch size : Width 80-150mm Length 100-250mm
* Pouch width : Flat pouch/Stand-up pouch
* Application : Retorted pouch food, Precooked food, Frozen food, Drinks,Liquid detergent etc.