Mar 25, 2004TOPICS

Won the Technical System Award of the “Packaging Machinery Technology Award”

On March 25th 2004, we were awarded the Technical System Aword of the 7th“Packaging Machinery Technology Award”.
The “Packaging Technology Award” is an award widely inviting entries of outstanding technology related to research, development, modification, design and manufacturing of latest packaging machines and related equipment This time Toyo Jidoki’s High Speed Continuous Fill/Sealers have been highly rated and been honored with this award.
Toyo Jidoki Co., Ltd.High Speed Fill/Sealer Technical/Development Team

Ultra high speed(TL Series)
Model Capacity
Pouch size
Applications Machine Photo
TL-AX1 Max
W / 80-100
L / 125-160
Retorted pouch food,Wet pet food,Pre-cooked food,etc
TL-AX3 Max
W / 100-150
L / Max280
TL-AX2 75-150 W / 100-150
L / Max280
Juice,Liquid detergents,etc
TL-AX4 Max
W / 90-110
L / Max160